Objectives Valuetree

We look our products from the beginning to an end. All environmental and security aspects are carefully considered in storing, handling and the transportation of chemicals. That is why service and logistics are our priorities.

The know-how of our staff is maintained by means of systematic training in order for each and every one to know the essence of their job in reference to quality, environmental and security issues. We ensure that our products are safe to handle, transport and use as well as guarantee that all waste is disposed of according to regulations.

Quality Objective

Valuetree strives to be the best possible partner in terms of reliability, services, technical advice and balanced cost/value ratio for products.


Open communication

Valuetree’s current business strategy is not written in stone, but rather is subject to continuous evolution. Improvements arise from differing viewpoints, client requests, feedback from suppliers and legal regulations. Valuetree highly values the input of every colleague in the improvement of strategy and management systems.

Strict adherence to regulations

Intentional deviation from legal regulations is not tolerated. Every employee is required to adhere and fulfil all legal regulations.

Continuous performance evaluations

Departmental and employee evaluations are individually analysed by means of internal audits and management assessment.

Education and training

Valuetree’s market and the community in general are continuously making higher demands. Through regular education and training, employees' skills are maintained at the highest level. In addition, the effectiveness of the training itself is also regularly evaluated.

Safety, health and environmental protection


A safe workplace for employees, neighbouring companies and the surrounding community.


Strong preventative, technical and tolerance regulations

The best techniques available are used to prevent incidents of any kind. Should a calamity occur despite safety regulations, it is extremely important that effective procedures are in place. Regular practicing and drills are therefore an essential part of the process.

Clear organisational processes

Effective and clear instructions for the completion of work processes are also of great importance. Strict regulations and clear processes reduce the chance of incidents.

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