The procurement of non-strategic chemical products are time-consuming and cost-intensive. Valuetree offers its services as a single source supplier and can provide a full product portfolio based on agreed quality and service standards.

Valuetree offers your company a logistics concept with a clear-cut financial and strategic benefits.

Our’s expertise and experience with Single Sourcing projects enables you to focus your time and effort on the procurement of your strategically important products. We allows you to outsource the supply of your entire portfolio of non-strategic raw materials to one strong partner. We order your products for you, store them for you and deliver them "just-in-time”. You save a tremendous amount of time (and thus costs) in your sourcing activity also reducing complexity and eliminating unnecessary administrative procedures in your purchasing department, incoming goods inspection, quality control and accounting.

Instead of inquiring with several suppliers, negotiating prices, terms and conditions with each of them at a time, you depend on one single point of contact with an excellent product support and product availability of a true industry leader.

Valuetree can also assume the responsibility of sourcing cheaper product alternatives for you, which allows you to further concentrate on your core activities: product development and marketing.

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